Anderson Studios' Advisory Board

Anderson Studios and the Advisory Board are committed to producing videos that are both informative and reflective of the diverse perspectives and experiences of their audiences. The Advisory Board sets a new standard for DEIA in the media industry in the region we operate in, and marks an important step towards Anderson Studios' goal of creating inclusive and meaningful video content.

In Support of DEIA Principles in Video Production

This group is dedicated to promoting and upholding the principles of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in video production.

Chaired by Kumeshnee West, former Director of Executive Education at the Graduate School of Business - University of Cape Town, the Advisory Board brings valuable insights, experience, and guidance to Anderson Studios' leadership team.


Kumeshnee West


Kumeshnee is an Executive Education Specialist based in Switzerland. She is the former director of Executive Education at UCT’s Graduate School of Business and has contributed globally to advancing the impact of Executive Education through the European Foundation of Management Development, the Global Network for Advanced Management and UNICON (Consortium of international Executive Education Schools).

She expressed her excitement about this new venture, stating, "I am excited to launch this Advisory Board and work with Anderson Studios to advance DEIA in video production. It is crucial that the media industry prioritise diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility to create safe and inclusive workplaces for all employees".

Sonal Minocha

Prof. Sonal Minocha

Chief Academic Officer, Chief Executive Officer, and Professor of Management, Dr Sonal Minocha brings her vast experience in academic leadership and educational innovation in both public and private sectors to the Advisory Board.

As a multi-award winning woman in education, Dr Sonal is thrilled to be part of the this exciting board to ensure DEIA principles are upheld and supported.


Dr Nosisana Mkonto

With an impressive background in higher education development and business administration, Dr Mkonto will bring invaluable insights and expertise to benefit our organisation.

With a PhD from the University of the Western Cape (UWC), an MEd from the University of Cape Town (UCT), a BTech in Business Administration from Cape Technikon, a BEd from UCT, a BA from UNISA, and a Secondary Teachers' Diploma from Lennox Sebe College of Education, Dr Mkonto's qualifications speak to her dedication to continuous learning. Currently pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration in Higher Education (DBA) from the University of Bath, she combines academic prowess with practical experience.

Her extensive experience and profound insights play a vital role in shaping our strategies and fostering our growth.

johan steyn

Johan Steyn

As a globally recognised Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (AI) advocate and thought leader, Johan brings a wealth of expertise and experience in the field, and plays a key role in driving anderson studios' commitment to innovation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Johan has established himself as a prominent figure in the AI landscape, speaking at global conferences on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Emerging Technologies. In 2019, he was also honoured as the Best AI & Robotics Management Consultant by Wealth & Finance magazine (UK). Throughout his career, Johan has held senior roles at renowned organizations such as Nedbank, Accenture, and Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC), where he made significant contributions to the field of AI and digital transformation.

Johan's expertise and insights have also been recognised by renowned author Sean Culey, who referred to him as “Africa's leading AI commentator”.

Safe and inclusive work spaces and videos

As a leader in the media industry, Anderson Studios recognises the importance of DEIA. Through this we create safe and inclusive work environments for employees, and accurately reflect the diverse perspectives and experiences of its audiences. The Advisory Board plays a crucial role in ensuring this commitment is upheld in all video content produced by Anderson Studios.

As businesses and organisations continue to prioritise DEIA principles, they are also recognising the importance of incorporating these principles into their communication content strategies, including video production.

In high risk industries such as oil and gas, safety is always a top priority. However, safety in the workplace goes beyond physical precautions; it also includes the promotion of diversity and inclusion.

Listen as Paul Lenson chats with Kumeshnee - the Advisory Board's chair - about the board, the benefits and plans, as well as Sonal as the board's latest addition.

Listening time: 5 minutes