Instructional design for e-learning solutions.

Instructional design for e-learning solutions.

Reduce barriers to learning with anderson studios. Professional content creation for online education, backed by proven instructional design methodology.

We understand online learning. With extensive experience in designing and creating e-learning material, be it video, animation, live-streaming, or a hybrid approach, your online education content creation is in safe hands with anderson studios.

We help create great educational tools so that others learn quickly, effortlessly. The fully-equipped studio located in Cape Town offers everything you need to a full-service e-learning content creation and streaming solution which can be delivered to any platform you require. 

More than that, it is backed by project management that is guided by our proven and trusted instructional design methodology.


For online learning to be effective, participants need access to content that is structured around the developmental process.

Our design philosophy is informed by Gilly Salmon's 5 stage model.

When we build elearning courses for clients we follow a tried and tested online course development methodology known as E-ADDIE.

Read more on why we add the extra E in the ADDIE methodology.

  • Engage. As our first step we enter into a deeper understanding of your goals and learning objectives.
  • Analyse. We analyse the content and scope of work, then build out project plans on Asana.
  • Design. The learning solution is designed, storyboarded, and the learning journey, goals, and outcomes are defined in line with Knowles’ adult learning theory principles.
  • Develop. We develop the e-learning material in Articulate or Evolve authoring tools - be it animation, video. Text to speech and Downloadable course notes and recourses are standard to develop courses more cost effectively.
  • Implement. We publish to a wide range of learning management systems, such as Intellum, Moodle, Sakai, Blackboard, Ispirng to deploy SCORM-compliant content.
  • Evaluate. This is an iterative process so we develop agile project flow methodology. UAT (user acceptance testing) is critical to our project success.
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If you want outstanding, effortless e-learning project management that leads to the creation of online education material that is media rich, such as video assets (including film and animation) that communicate, train, and explain with clarity, and with amazing results, ask for the experts at anderson studios. Our instructional design works perfectly for online education that is blended, hybrid, or online.

online education created by proven instructional design.

online education created by proven instructional design.

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get bespoke educational content that meets your learners' need

get bespoke educational content that meets your learners' need

Level 1 "Click Next": Passive Interactivity

An ideal way to cover simple rules or procedures, we create content for your learners that is easy to consume. With little to no interactivity, the content and quizzes are straightforward read-and-click style that suits many policy and procedure-style instructional material.

Level 2 "Multimedia": Limited Interactivity

Perfect if you want a richer learning experience, without too much development time, this bespoke elearning content  incorporates some multimedia. You can expect content with audio, narration, click-and-reveal interactions, some video, basic animations, and a few simple transitions.

Level 3: Complex Interactivity

For more complex skills that need to be taught, this is the ideal level of elearning content development. These e-learning courses have extensive audio, video, transitions, animations, quizzes with branched / scenario-based questions, and feedback levels.

Level 4: Full Immersion

For learners who need to practice real-time decision-making skills, level 4 elearning course content creation is the best option. This level includes all the elements of levels 1 - 3, elevated with gamification, VR, or simulation. They can include 360° images, games, avatars, and are highly immersive.

Need bespoke e-learning material that is well-designed?

Need bespoke e-learning material that is well-designed?

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