Why live streaming really works

Why live streaming really works

By Paul Lensen

Live streaming is a broadcasting model that uses the internet to provide viewers with audio and video of events in real time. Essentially, it gives you the ability to reach your audience directly on their screens – be it their phones, computers, or tvs – through streamed video sent over the internet. 

According to DCAST, “Live streaming is becoming more and more popular in the professional world as it helps businesses and organisations to connect with their audience on a deeper level despite the barrier of physical location”.


Uses of live streaming

Live streaming is a multifaceted tool for organisations of all sizes, in that it can be used for all manner of things. 

At Anderson Studios, we have helped many companies connect with their staff, clients, and prospective clients in a way that is personalised, effortless, and fast; i.e. through live streaming. This is how.

  • Webinars. Webinars that showcase your insights, acumen, products and services to prospective customers are used as a top-of-funnel marketing tactic. We save these webinars for you so that they can be reused for long-term marketing benefits.
  • Conferences. Company-wide internal events, such as an annual conference that brings the whole company together, can now be done as one single online event. Rather than hosting several smaller events at each of your locations, or bearing the costs of flying and hosting your keynote speakers or important delegates to the event, live streaming saves tremendous costs, effort, and resources. 
  • Real-time meetings. Live streaming meetings in real-time ensures important people from multi-locations are brought into the room at the same time. The meetings can be co-ordinated by a key stakeholder and hosted on-site or in our Cape Town studio for effortless communications. 
  • Live training. Another great use of live streaming is as an online training portal. Elearning and distance learning has evolved to a place where staff and learners insist on a more personalised approach. Live training is brought to your students through streaming services.

Therefore, in today’s modern workplace, it is more a case of how you choose to use live streaming in your organisation, rather than if you are going to use it!

live streaming

Virtual or In-Person Events, or Both?

As we move out of the Covid pandemic, the question we are often asked is if in-person events are going to replace virtual ones or not.

The answer is yes, and no.

What we are seeing and experiencing is a hybrid model where our clients are electing to have both. 

Now more than ever, events such as graduations, conferences and product launches include in-person audiences as well as virtual ones. In fact, integrating a live stream with an in person event has allowed our clients to gain even bigger reach. 

What’s more, the streamed event becomes a video asset that new and existing clients can view and post online.

How to Have a Great Live Streaming Event

Through our hundreds of live streaming events, we’ve picked up a few pointers to ensure events are streamlined. There are few important lessons we learned when co-creating a live stream event with our clients, we would like to share some of these with you.

  1. Include in your conference or event registration the option to register for either in person or via live stream.  
  2. If the event is public, ensure that the link to the live stream is sent out well in advance and shared on your socials. Your virtual audience is as important as your in person audience.
  3. Consider creating content that enhances the virtual audience experiences of the live event. For example video clips, titles for speakers, information slides that sign post the proceedings. Your streaming audience needs to know what is happening, what to expect and to feel informed and ‘seen’.
  4. Remind MC’s, speakers and participants of the live audience watching online to ensure they include them in the event. 
  5. Create a connection between those in person and those watching online by inviting them both to share their experience on your socials and streaming channel.
  6. The viewing analytics generated via live stream provide insights, how many people attended, what aspect they were most engaged with, when they joined or dropped off, were they posting in the chat, did they share links and potentially invite others to join, and more. These stats are important for measuring efficacy and engagement.
  7. Have a recognisable hashtag handle that speaks and links to your event for easy social tracking.
  8. Use a professional production company to co-create your event with.

What to Look Out for in a Live Streaming Production Company

You can purchase all the gear, hire the staff, and invest in technology to stream your events yourself. Or you can partner with a production company to carry it through for you. In our experience, the latter is the most preferred, and affordable route.

But how do you know if the production company is going to deliver or disappoint? Here’s what to look out for.

  1. Technology. It is important to find out if they are all talk and no delivery when it comes to tech. Do they have the lighting, cameras, microphones, production desk and software required to support your event? 
  2. Creativity. Your event can be pretty boring if you are not backed by a team of experts who understand how to bring concepts across in an engaging way on a digital platform. Ask them if they are involved in ideation as well as content creation.
  3. Internet. This goes without saying, but I’m saying it. A stable internet connection is an absolute priority when assessing if they are able to live stream your event.
  4. Experience. This is the most important aspect to look out for. Choose a production company that is not ‘testing’ on you, and has the experience to handle any and every unforeseen challenge.

Anderson Studios is the Preferred Live Streaming Production Company in South Africa

Anderson Studios has done hundreds of live streaming events, for multiple industries, and companies of all sizes. 

Get TV-quality live broadcasts that bring you closer to your audience with Anderson Studios. Our professional team makes it simple and easy for you. 

  • Concept ideation
  • Live stream planning
  • Content creation and production
  • Live presentation and hosting
  • Streaming, filming and live-editing
  • Post-event analytics

If you would like to find out more, contact us. How can we help?