Corporate media, video production and live-streaming.

Corporate media, video production and live-streaming.

we help you clearly explain, train and educate.

we help you clearly explain, train and educate.

Need to communicate an idea or subject that is technical or complex? We love to work with your complex ideas, technical content, and difficult information. Anything that needs to be translated into easy-to-understand content that will educate, inform, and explain with clarity

Together with you, anderson studios gives your content the clarity you want. Creators of corporate video, media, and content that simplifies and streamlines understanding, anderson studios is your trusted provider of explainer corporate videos and effortless online streaming. 

With over 20 years in the industry, our team delivers online videos that communicate, train, and explain. With a range of corporate video and streaming media services including video production and audio visual events, anderson studios has extensive experience in a range of industries, including fintech, automotive, retail, travel and leisure, and non-profit organisations. 

anderson studios is a national corporate video and live-streaming services provider, with on the ground crew in Cape Town, South Africa.  With centralised video production solutions, extensive stock libraries in our asset management system and a large network of crew, anderson studios delivers high quality corporate explainer and training videos and streaming services quickly, consistently and cost effectively for businesses.

corporate media

corporate explainer videos and streaming services

corporate explainer videos and streaming services.

We create content that conveys your concepts by creating video, scripts, and more that support training, information transfer, and education.

Video, film production and animation

Our film crew is set to create your videos in our fully-equipped studio in Cape Town, or on site.

Our expertise in media-rich e-learning and course material creation means the content is guaranteed to educate, explain, and inform your staff, your clients, and your audiences with ease.

We broadcast to your audience with mixed media capabilities (video, animation, and live streaming) so your audience is captivated, educated, and engaged.

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