A Partnership to Transform eLearning Course Development

elearning course development partnership

In an exciting move poised to reshape the landscape of eLearning course development, Cape Town-based Anderson Studios (PTY) Ltd and EdXimia (PTY) Ltd are proud to announce our strategic partnership. This collaboration, driven by a shared dedication to innovation, accessibility, and excellence, promises to deliver unparalleled educational experiences to clients worldwide.

Paul Lensen, Managing Director of Anderson Studios, leads this dynamic alliance, leveraging decades of combined experience in video production, content creation, and eLearning strategy.

“At Anderson Studios, we believe that collaboration is key to delivering the highest quality learning experiences,” says Paul Lensen, MD of Anderson Studios. 

“Partnering with EdXimia allows us to combine our expertise in video production with their exceptional proficiency in crafting innovative learning strategies and designing cutting-edge digital solutions.”

A Synergy of Expertise in eLearning Course Development

The strategic partnership between Anderson Studios and EdXimia brings together the best of both worlds. Anderson Studios boasts over 20 years of extensive experience, specialising in workplace safety training videos, immersive learning, and effective communication. 

EdXimia, a leading eLearning consultancy with over a decade of experience in higher education academic strategy, eLearning and EdTech, excels in crafting innovative learning strategies and designing digital solutions with a focus on accessibility and inclusivity.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Anderson Studios to make education accessible to all in a socially just way,” says Deidré Johnson, MD of EdXimia. 

“Our partnership signifies a commitment to staying at the forefront of educational innovation and ensuring that our clients receive the best-in-class solutions for their eLearning needs.”

Deidré Johnson continues, “Our collaboration with Anderson Studios has already yielded successful projects for leading higher education institutions in South Africa and energy companies in West Africa. We are excited to expand upon this foundation and continue to drive educational transformation.”

Crafting Comprehensive Solutions

Our combined expertise enables us to offer a comprehensive approach to course development that maximises engagement, accessibility, and learner outcomes. By leveraging Anderson Studios’ proficiency in content production and EdXimia’s expertise in eLearning solutions, our partnership is uniquely positioned to meet diverse organisational needs, from immersive training experiences to effective eLearning solutions.

“Our approach to eLearning development is characterised by a fusion of creativity, expertise, and innovation,” adds Paul Lensen. “We prioritise learner-centric design principles, accessibility, and inclusivity to ensure that every eLearning solution we create is impactful and aligned with our clients’ educational objectives.”

Together, we are poised to set a new standard for eLearning solutions, providing organisations with the tools they need to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

For more information about Anderson Studios and EdXimia, please visit our respective websites, or contact us to take advantage of this partnership.

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