New and Improved HSE Videos in Oil & Gas sector in Angola

New and Improved HSE Videos in Oil & Gas sector in Angola

We are back in the Cabinda province of Angola. This time, we are working with our client to produce a new series of training and explainer-styled videos. This is all part of their mission to improve health, safety and the environment.

However, the videos we produce are changing….for the better !

The senior leadership team’s driving force is to see safety improved across the board. 

  • First, ALL crew need the confidence to stop an unsafe act the moment they see it. 
  • Then, they need to know that they have the support of management to ask questions when they seek clarity. 
  • Finally, they need to know that it is okay to make mistakes; in fact it is expected.

How HOP is Improving HSE Training in Angola

An interesting comment came out when we were filming one of the two camera pieces.

Our interviewee spoke about how they have begun integrating HOP principles into their areas of operation within the concession. 

They also said that our videos will play a major part in the HOP roll-out. 

So, what is HOP?

HOP (Human and Organizational Performance) it is essentially about understanding the context and conditions of where and how people work. 

It is an overarching operating philosophy that provides a framework to build more resilient teams and organizations.

The main tenets of HOP

1.      “Human error is normal.”

2.      “Blame fixes nothing.”

3.      “Learning is vital.”

4.      “Context drives behavior.”

5.      “How you respond to failure matters.”

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How HOP and Training Videos are Intertwined

This is where the anderson studios team comes in. 

Live-action demonstration is possible

For point 1 and 2, the videos we create help our client to demonstrate that humans do make mistakes (animations or live action role playing).

This opens the door to the idea that blame is not a valued response.

The videos pivot the crew to understand the correct response (point 5), and how much it matters (corrective actions shown).

Animation and videos create context

For points 3 and 4 (context and learning), we see how the videos and animation we produce are highly contextual and support an ongoing culture of learning. 

Our mission is that all HSE Videos Meet the IOGP Standard

We continue to improve our HSE video production for companies in Angola by aligning ourselves with the new industry standards (2023) of the International association of Oil and Gas Producers.

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Best practices are followed

When we create HSE video content for our clients that are aligned with IOGP, it ensure the material is 100% aligned to industry best practices.

Content is future-proof

As a result of the latest best practices in the training content, your material has greater longevity. 

Cost-savings are enjoyed

Because your content is future-proof, you don’t have to create new training videos every few months. This means you save costs in the long run. 

Final thoughts

We look forward to engaging further with leaders in the energy sector in Angola and the West African region.

To learn more about how we can support your HSE initiatives in 2023, contact me