ADDIE: Development in action

ADDIE: Development in action

The Development phase of the ADDIE design method is the “big bang” of the safety video production journey. It is where the video comes to life. This phase is where the actual production of the video takes place. 


Development of dreams

The Development part of the ADDIE process is highly creative and satisfying.

It sees all the ideas and plans generated from the Analysis and Design phases meet, merge, and come to life. 

This phase must be handled by video production experts, as this is where you see if the final product is of high enough quality, and if it meets the brand’s needs and objectives.

Three examples of how the Development phase is crucial when it comes to safety video production.


Creating high-quality visuals and audio. Safety videos need to be visually and audibly clear and engaging to effectively communicate information. The Development phase is fundamental in ensuring that the video’s visuals and audio are of high quality. Here is where the health and safety videos are designed to meet the needs of the target audience. 

At anderson studios, we take quality audio and visuals seriously. 

We film in 4K resolution and light, and record with professional sound and lighting equipment to ensure these standards are as high as possible.

Scriptwriting and voiceover recording. The scriptwriting and voiceover recording are important aspects of the Development phase. It is of utmost importance that the script is clear, concise, and easy to understand, and that the voiceover is professional and engaging. This results in the video material effectively communicating the safety message to the target audience.

Review and testing. The Development phase includes review and testing of the video ‘message’ to ensure that it meets our client’s needs and objectives. This is also where we test if the video is effective in achieving its intended purpose

This can include pilot testing the video with a small group of the target audience, to gather feedback and make any necessary changes.

Develop high-quality health and safety videos

hse training video

The  Development phase is crucial in safety video production as it allows us to bring our clients  ideas and plans to life. 

This phase ensures that the final product is of high quality, meets the client’s needs and objectives, and is effective in achieving its intended purpose. 

Through the use of high-quality visuals and audio, scriptwriting and voiceover recording, and review and testing, the Development phase delivers on the goals of the project.

When done well, this phase produces a safety video that is effective in communicating the safety message to the target audience.

We develop safety videos for top global brands

When it comes to health and safety videos, you don’t want to monkey around. Ask for the professionals in health and safety video production.

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