ADDIE: Analysis is the starting point

ADDIE: Analysis is the starting point

The Analysis phase of the ADDIE design method is crucial when it comes to e-learning video production because it sets the foundation for the entire project. 

It is the starting point where the goals and objectives of the video project are identified and the audience is analysed. Without a proper analysis, the video may not align with the client’s needs and may not be effective in achieving its intended purpose.


Why analysis is important

Careful analysis at the onset helps identify project-success factors that otherwise might be overlooked. 

Three examples of how the Analysis phase is crucial when it comes to safety video production.

analysis addie

Identifying the target audience. Safety videos are often created for specific groups of people such as employees, contractors, or customers. It’s important to identify the target audience in the Analysis phase so that the video can be tailored to meet their specific needs and be more effective in conveying important safety information.

Identifying specific hazards. Different industries have different hazards, and it’s important to identify those hazards in the Analysis phase. This ensures the video addresses the specific risks that the target audience may face. 

For example, a safety video for construction workers would focus on hazards related to heavy machinery, while a safety video for a chemical plant would focus on hazards related to chemicals.

Identifying language barriers. Some target audiences may have limited proficiency in the language in which the video will be presented. For this reason, it is important to identify these language barriers in the Analysis phase. Then, you can consider providing subtitles or multilingual versions of the video to ensure that the safety message is understood by all.

Analysis in health and safety training videos

Overall, the Analysis phase of ADDIE methodology is crucial in safety video production as it helps to ensure that the final product meets the client’s needs and objectives.

It ensures specific hazards are addressed, and that potential language barriers are overcome.

Finally, it ensures the content is effective in conveying important safety information to the unique target audience.

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