Day 3 – The critical importance of planning when filming HSE content on site

Day 3 – The critical importance of planning when filming HSE content on site

“Amateurs talk strategy, professionals talk logistics.” – Brendan Richard

A cheeky statement, but with some truth.

Today we headed off to film on several offshore installations. This was done in a fairly short period of time, and without any shutdown to operations. Only doable if you plan!

So, what does that mean – PLAN!

Our extensive experience – along with our established E-ADDIE methodology – has taught us one thing. It is critical to first invest time with the client to plan. Plan before you even shoot a single frame.

The correct order of filming looks like this

  1. First, you engage with the client
  2. Then, analyze their needs
  3. Then, design a training layout and filming plan
  4. Only then do you develop (ie shoot!)

What’s involved in filming offshore – on location

The planning required to create videos offshore, with crew, equipment, schedules, etc, all within the allotted budget, takes a fair amount of savvy. This includes:

  • Scheduling of transport (helicopters),
  • Arranging accommodation offshore,
  • Transporting video and audio equipment safely,
  • Arranging work permits, and
  • Scheduling people.

Fortunately, this is not our first rodeo; we have done this successfully before.
Our client depends on this experience and knowledge of offshore logistics so that we can get the job done with minimal disruption to their day.
Our clients rely on us to ask the right questions? To seek clarity and establish clear measurable outcomes and expectations – in budget – no surprises.

I love it when a plan comes together

Having a plan bedded down before we even roll the camera means that it can operate effectively with minimal disruption. And not waste time figuring things out on the day! Plans can change, but then at least you have a plan to change.

We met with our client ahead of time. This gave us a crystal clear understanding of their specific requirements. This means that when we find ourselves on a site, with limited time and resources, we can still deliver on our client’s requirements!

We have earned a reputation for our professionalism, safety record, and above all, the high quality, creative videos that we have produced.

If you’re in charge of training, HSE or marketing, it is unlikely you have the time to plan a video project for your company. We’re experts in this field, and know how to make a plan come together!

What’s coming next…

We will arrive at our destination after a 45-minute helicopter trip. We have an early start tomorrow, with a 5am go-time.

We will film with our new 360 camera to showcase a more immersive experience. Look out for some incredible images from our DOP, Gareth Graham.

What do you think? Does logistics trump strategy?

Let me know your thoughts.