How to Simplify Complex Topics with Animated Explainer Videos

How to Simplify Complex Topics with Animated Explainer Videos

Explainer videos used for marketing purposes have become extremely popular over the last few years as the digital market has exploded.

Video content, namely explainer content, has allowed companies to reach a larger and more diverse audience, no matter where they are.

The benefits of video for business

Corporate videos can be used for many industries for a number of important things.

Some challenges

While explainer videos are an easy and highly effective solution, they still have their limitations.

There are certain practical restrictions to be considered. Such as, what can actually be filmed, where it must be filmed, who is in front of the camera, their talent and experience levels, and so on.

Also, there are some concepts that are hard to explain through talking-head style videos and Q&As. This is when animation comes in and can lend a hand in terms of simplifying complex topics in a video format.

Why animation is a preferable medium for explainer videos

There are a few main reasons as to why animated explainer videos work so well in this context.

  1. Enjoyment value. The first being that animation is widely enjoyed by the general public. People are drawn to animation and are usually more attentive than when they watch live action videos.
  2. Tailor-made. The second being that they are completely customisable. There are no limits to how you can show the subject matter as it can be through any character, in any setting and in almost any way.
  3. Flexible production. There also is no need to follow strict timelines as there is no need to schedule shoot days and organise actors (unless a voice actor is necessary).

How does animation simplify complex topics?

  • Hyper-detail. Animation allows you to explain how processes work in very intricate detail. This is because it can animate sequences that may not be simple to film or can even be impossible to film.
  • Context. It can provide context that could possibly get lost in translation between languages and across cultures and religions.
  • Non-verbal communication. Animated sequences do not require to have voice overs as you are able to portray the entire idea or process through visuals and animated text on screen. This makes the video  more accessible and clear for complex topics.
  • Visual aid. The combination of being able to use custom images with matching sound also makes for a more engaging video which helps with topics that are complicated. It reduces the risk for a viewer to lose focus. In this modern age, people are more likely to watch an animated video than read an article explaining the topic.
  • Less intimidating. Animation is also subconsciously less intimidating than normal explainer videos, making the content more digestible and simpler for the audience to grasp.
  • More memorable. Animated sequences can also be completely unique, enabling the audience to associate complex topics and  ideas with a specific character or animated sequence. This makes it more memorable.
  • Easy to view. Animation can take serious topics and make them easier to view while still portraying the message, seriousness and complexity.
  • Limitless options. There are many different styles of animation, so you are not limited to the ways in which you can visualise your complex topic. There is an opportunity to find an exact style that fits your video and content best.

Final thoughts

It goes without saying that explainer videos have many wonderful advantages that allow us to unpack topics.

Complimentary to that is the ease of use, the multi-purpose, and approachable benefits of animation in explainer videos. Complex ideas or topics become easier to communicate and understand. “Talking head” limitations on time, talent, and costs are minimised with animation. And so much more.

Animated explainer videos are a brilliant medium that can be moulded to perfectly fit your narrative and can be used to simplify even the toughest of subjects.

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