A powerful corporate video: What you must know

A powerful corporate video: What you must know

An engaging and powerful corporate video is crucial to help your business stand out online and bolster their media presence. It’s exciting too – that’s why so many companies dive into the production of their corporate video project without fully knowing who the video is for and what the purpose of the video really is.

Thinking about some of these important factors will help save you time and money, and ensure your video is effective and impactful.

Here’s what you need to know about corporate videos that move the needle

Identify your target audience

It’s critical to know who you are making the video for. Ask yourself “Who is the ideal viewer?” 

It may seem obvious, but defining your audience clearly will help inform all the decisions you will make during the production to ensure your video speaks the right language to the right people.

Once you know who you’re talking to, then your corporate content creation team can choose fonts, graphics, visual style and music that appeal to them directly.

Think about it this way: if your target audience is adolescents, your music and font choices will be very different than if your corporate video targets pensioners.

Define a clear call to action

Corporate videos are designed to solve a problem.

We want the viewer to do something after watching.

This is known as the call to action. This might be something like buying a product, making a donation, checking out your website or simply getting in touch directly.

When you define your call to action, it is easier to then determine what information you want to present to the viewer, and what can perhaps be left out for them to discover on their own if they wish.

A strong call to action that is clear makes your corporate video far more useful to you, as it will do what you want it to do.

Make sure you include this call to action at the end of your video. Example, “Visit our website to find out more” or “Contact us for an obligation-free quote.”

Tap into the viewer’s emotions

This is a powerful part of corporate content creation that is often overlooked.

We fall into the trap of appealing to a person’s logic by mentioning benefits and features, and forgo the most important driver in the human race: our emotions.

The best way to tap into an audience’s emotions is through testimonials or personal stories. They are also a great way to add credibility to your video.

If you can get the viewer to truly care about what they see, the video will be more memorable and effective.

Consider reaching out to customers that have had a positive experience with the company that ties in to your call to action. Hearing a real person talk about their real experience is far more emotive and effective than a scripted voiceover.

Have a distribution plan

Making a great video is one thing, but having an effective plan for getting it in front of your target audience is even more critical.

Perhaps you plan on uploading it onto your company’s social media platforms? Or embedding it into a sales presentation. Knowing where the video will be watched has an impact on how it is created.

For example, if you create a video that will be distributed and viewed via a messaging app on mobile phones, you would want to avoid graphics and text that are too small (as these will be hard to read) and you probably want to focus on closer shots, and avoid wide landscapes that don’t look as good on a smaller screen.

Final thoughts

In summary, a corporate video is a great way to bring across your messaging – be it training, or explaining – and reaching an audience through technology. However, while technology is the medium, the heart is the driver.

You need a team of corporate content creators who are experts in videography, production, planning, and execution, to bring your story across effectively.

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