E-ADDIE: Why we add an extra E to the ADDIE method

E-ADDIE: Why we add an extra E to the ADDIE method

As we know, ADDIE is a widely-used design methodology in the field of instructional design and e-learning. The acronym stands for Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. 

This model is a systematic approach to the design and development of instructional materials. It can be applied to the video production process as well.

Another E in the ADDIE model

We have put an extra “E” into the mix. 


And we’ve moved it right up front. 

This is because we recognise how important it is to understand the client’s needs and requirements first and foremost. To do this, it is crucial that we engage effectively at the start.

ADDIE with an extra E

So, what is the ADDIE method?

The traditional “ADDIE” model for instructional design is made up of five phases. 

With our extra “E” at the front, anderson studios deploys a 6-phase E-ADDIE model, for optimal design-meets-goals delivery. We’ve touched briefly on the first “E”, so here is what the rest of the acronym involves.

The Analysis phase is the starting point, where the goals and objectives of the video project are identified and the audience is analysed.

The Design phase is where the instructional strategies, methods, and media are selected, and the outline or storyboard of the video is created. During this phase, the instructional design team works closely with the client to ensure that the video aligns with their needs and objectives.

The Development phase is where the actual video production takes place. This includes scripting, filming, and editing. The client’s feedback is crucial in this phase to ensure that the final product meets their expectations.

The Implementation phase is where the video is deployed or distributed. In this phase, the instructional design team works closely with the client to ensure that the video is delivered in the format and on the platform that the client prefers.

The Evaluation phase is the final stage, where the effectiveness of the video is evaluated. This includes analysing the results of the video in terms of the client’s goals and objectives, as well as gathering feedback from the target audience.

E-ADDIE – it all comes together at anderson studios

At anderson studios, we use the E- ADDIE framework to get the best results in the video production process. 

It keeps us focused on what the client wants, first and foremost. 

With E at the start of the ADDIE process, it emphasises the importance of engaging with the client at the start of any video project. 

This ensures that the final product meets their needs and objectives. 

Additionally, it provides a systematic approach for designing and developing instructional materials, which results in an effective and engaging video for the target audience.

How can we help your e-learning objectives?

Your objectives, KPIs, and goals are unique to your team and your business. 

Your target audience has specific learning outcomes and requirements that must be met.

Let us help you.

Our proven methodology and instructional design approach ensures your goals are at the centre of every video we produce for you.

Hit your goals. Reach your audience. Engage and educate your learners.