How to Achieve Operational Excellence, Safely, with Targeted Induction Videos

In the exacting domain of the offshore oil and gas industry, we prioritise both operational excellence and safety. But did you know that 25% of new industry recruits contemplate leaving within their first year due to inadequate induction? However, firms that harness induction programs aligned with best practices, such as the IOGP standards, witness up to a 58% rise in employee retention over three years. The imperative for top-notch induction couldn’t be clearer.

The Dire Need for Effective Induction in the Energy Sector

The offshore environment presents unique challenges. While an offshore job offers a great way to make a living, it can be extremely dangerous and comes with its own challenges. 

  • Wet and cold weather 
  • Hazardous materials 
  • Flammable products
  • Heavy equipment 

Any lapse in understanding can lead to devastating consequences — from equipment malfunctions and financial losses to environmental disasters and, most tragically, loss of life. 

A poorly trained new starter becomes a liability, and puts both himself and his team at risk. 

Beyond the immediate dangers, there’s also the damage to a company’s reputation, investor relations, and stakeholder trust. Investing in superior induction videos isn’t just about training; it’s about safeguarding assets, both human and material.

How to Seize the Operational Excellence Opportunity

Most companies wrap up their induction programs within a month. However, they may be overlooking a missed opportunity for deeper value integrations. 

This is where Anderson Studios makes a difference. 

We produce site-specific induction videos that showcase real individuals in authentic situations. This makes every piece of content relevant, highly effective, and memorable.

How to Craft Purpose-driven Induction Content

  • Align with Corporate Goals: Your company’s direction and success hinges on your values, vision, and mission. Your induction content must reinforce these principles, and help your newcomers grasp and commit to a company’s dedication to safety, innovation, team unity, and integrity.
  • Uphold IOGP Standards: Adherence to IOGP standards isn’t a checkbox; it’s a pledge to the highest safety and operational norms. Our induction content doesn’t just respect these benchmarks; it propagates them.
how to achieve operational excellence

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  • Foster Contextual Cultural Integration: New hires must understand and embrace your company’s culture. Our induction videos offer clarity and immersion, to ensure they integrate seamlessly.
  • Use Proven Methods: Video is a tried and trusted mode of effective HSE training and induction. It solves the problem of dispersed teams, and is a cost-effective method of bringing new starts up to date as quickly as possible with safety and culture protocols. Through the use of animation, virtual reality, video production houses with local knowledge, induction videos are the way forward.

As a summary, operational excellence is not just one thing; it is every individual’s commitment to safety and best practices that determines operational excellence, especially offshore. And it starts from the very moment your new starters begin. At Anderson Studios, we promote this vital commitment as we deliver induction content that informs, educates, and aligns through the latest proven methodologies. Talk to us on how we can support your goals towards a safer, more productive future.