Can You Include Animation in Your Corporate Video?

Can You Include Animation in Your Corporate Video?

In short the answer is a resounding yes! You can definitely, and should, include animation in your corporate video.

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Whether it is for HR and you need to onboard new staff online or give health and safety training, or you want to give your customers more information on how to use a product, or you even want to live stream an event and make it more engaging, animation makes things easier to understand.

But there is more in answering why animation can be valuable in corporate videos

The overwhelming benefits of animation in corporate videos

animation in corporate videos

Keep the boredom out of the boardroom

Animation is eye-catching and engaging. Especially in the corporate space, video content is much more appealing when it grabs the viewer’s attention and engages them. A well-constructed animation can keep attendees to your boardroom meeting following along with your pitch, with enthusiasm. 

They move people and evoke desired reactions

A well-animated video that makes an impression on viewers could affect internal culture and the overall mood in the office; and could reinforce brand identity for viewers outside of the office.

Animation in corporate videos makes difficult things easy

Animated corporate videos have the ability to explain complex ideas and concepts with ease.

We have all experienced information overload at one point or another.

Animations have the capacity to make complex concepts more digestible.

They empower visual and auditory learning

Animation is not only visual – it includes well-scripted voice overs as well! This means, your animated corporate videos are brilliant at show AND tell. 

Some people respond better to visual cues. Some listen better. This way, important concepts are visualised and explained, and this can make a great difference in content comprehension.

Animated corporate videos are on brand, and professional

These are not cartoons on early morning weekend TV. 

No, animation in corporate video content can be as customised, on brand, and effective as you need it to be. 

A lot of the outcome rests on the shoulders of the designer, the animator, and the video production team driving the project. 

So be sure to use the right team who understand great design principles, project management, and have a solid track record of successful delivery.

Final thoughts

The capacity to create tasteful, modern, realistic and professional animations has never been greater than it is right now.

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