Using Animation in Aviation Explainer Videos

Using Animation in Aviation Explainer Videos

When we create pre-flight safety briefing videos for airlines, we always want to get the most out of these explainer videos.

How to do an animated pre-flight safety briefing video for your airline

Your pre-flight safety briefing video needs to capture your audience’s attention to ensure their safety, and the protection of your brand and staff.

How to know if you need a personalised animated video

“We already have safety videos”

Many times, our customers already have a training video for the aircraft. However, these are often generic, and do not take into consideration the airline’s operational requirements.

animation aviation explainer videos
  • You need safety or training videos that are aligned with what you require
  • Your videos must be compliant to the area of operations 
  • You need contextually relevant videos that are more readily accepted by the end user
  • Your videos must be in line with company values and identity.

In these cases, you need your own content created that best reflects your brand, your CI (corporate identity guide), your passengers, and your requirements.

“We do not have any safety briefing videos”

animation aviation explainer videos

We find that if we can create videos from the start that are bespoke and fit for purpose, that these are ideal.

  • Videos are highly contextual and relevant to the end user
  • Videos are accurate and on brand
  • We use animation, live action, or a combination of these – whichever best suits the objective of the video

With this in mind, when we create the animated video, we always follow our tried and tested design methodology: E-ADDIE 

  • Engage – It’s all about you, your airline, your crew, your passengers, your brand, your needs. Our first step is to deeply engage with what you need from your animated explainer video
  • Analyse – We don’t just jump right in, we take time to plan, to carefully scope the project, and map it out in our project management tools to ensure we meet your goals and deadlines
  • Design – Your animated aviation explainer video is designed and storyboarded to match your desired outcomes
  • Develop – We develop the animated pre-flight safety briefing with our team of animators, voice over artists, and script developers
  • Implement – We send you the animated video, and you implement it on your airline
  • Evaluate – Your feedback helps us improve where needed, or continue as planned

Using voice-overs on animated airline videos

It is important to give the safety briefing a voice-over that is clear and engaging.

The script will need to go through several iterations between script writers and the airline to ensure that the flow, style, and tone are in line with the brand, as well as compliant with regulations.

Creating animation for safety videos

animated explainer videos

Anderson studios uses character design and animation-style development to optimally engage with passengers.

These two elements are always carefully considered.

Your characters must reflect and represent the passengers who typically fly with your airline. 

Wherever possible, it is important to include elements of humour at key points in the script. This provides moments of comic relief, but does not take away from the core safety messages and procedures. 

Final production

animated airline pre-flight safety briefing

The last part of creating a pre-flight safety briefing video as an animation is to ensure that the overall look and feel is aligned with your airline’s brand corporate identity, values and aspirations.

We make use of colour, music and text to do this.

The overall mood of the animated video needs to be serious, as this is a serious matter, while still being inviting, friendly, and approachable. 

Ensure your design team and video production team understand the proper use of character design and animation style to represent and effectively reach your engagement goals.

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