Empower Your Organization with Effective Induction Content

In today’s competitive business landscape, effective content creation is a powerful tool that empowers organisations and their people. In this post we’ll highlight how well-crafted induction experiences can transform new hires into long-term, engaged team members while significantly reducing costs for your organisation.

The Impact of Proper Induction Content

According to LinkedIn, a staggering 25% of new employees leave their jobs within the first year due to a subpar induction process. In contrast, organisations with well-structured induction programs witness a 58% increase in employee retention after three years. Additionally, the cost of losing an employee within their first year can be over three times their salary, highlighting the financial impact of inadequate onboarding.

Seizing the Opportunity: Extending Induction Beyond a Month

Only 37% of companies extend their induction programs beyond the initial month. This missed opportunity means that businesses are failing to engage and retain new employees effectively. This is where anderson studios comes in, specialising in crafting custom induction video content that ensures a seamless onboarding experience. Our approach not only enhances retention rates but also delivers substantial cost savings by retaining employees over the long term.

Crafting an Effective Induction Video

With over two decades of experience in content creation and production, anderson studios is uniquely positioned to create impactful induction videos.

From our experience, for induction content to be effective, it must achieve three key objectives:

1. Conveying Corporate Values

Corporate values are a direct reflection of leadership. That’s why it’s imperative for the CEO or company leader to play a pivotal role in the induction content. Their involvement goes beyond conveying the company’s mission and vision; it provides new recruits with insight into the organisation’s leadership and direction.

2. Ensuring Total Brand Compliance
New employees should embody the brand as, ultimately, they will become its ambassadors. Hence, induction content should align seamlessly with the brands’ values and positioning, giving recruits a tangible sense of the organisation’s identity.  It can also position your organisation as forward-thinking and innovative, creating a positive association for new recruits.

3. Cultural Alignment

Joining an organisation means joining its corporate family. Cultural alignment is pivotal, and induction content serves as a window into the organisation’s culture, values, and people. This aspect holds the utmost importance within the induction video.

The anderson studios Difference

At anderson studios, we not only understand the intricacies of the induction process but also harness cutting-edge production innovations, including video, VR, and animation. This ensures a highly engaging and impactful induction experience that resonates with new hires on multiple levels.

Empower Your Organisation with Purposeful Induction Content

Our purpose at anderson studios is to empower individuals through content. It all begins with a tailored induction experience – one that minimises staff turnover, reduces wasteful costs, and maximises organisational productivity.


Today, in any business, effective onboarding is the cornerstone of long-term success. anderson studios is committed to providing organisations with the tools they need to achieve this success through purposeful, engaging, and impactful induction content. Contact us now to start a conversation about how we can assist in empowering your people and drive your organisation toward optimal productivity.