Our Instructional Design Company Partnership to Enhance eLearning

instructional design company partnership

Anderson Studios and The Education Scene are thrilled to announce their instructional design company partnership aimed at revolutionising the eLearning experience through the development of a cutting-edge VR and 360 video-ready Learning Management System (LMS). 

Leveraging The Education Scene’s expertise in eLearning strategy and content development, combined with Anderson Studios’ proficiency in video production and instructional design, this collaboration aims to provide learners with a truly immersive and data-light learning experience.

An Instructional Design Company Partnership for Innovation

In an era where innovation is paramount, the partnership between Anderson Studios and The Education Scene is a testament to the power of Exponential Organizations (ExOs)

Both companies embrace the ExO model, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, agility, and flexibility to redefine the eLearning landscape. As ExOs, we understand that the key to achieving disproportionate impact lies in embracing new methodologies and technologies while remaining lean and adaptable.

Technology and Virtual Reality in Instructional Design

virtual reality in instructional design

Through our commitment to innovation and agile practices, Anderson Studios and The Education Scene exemplify the transformative potential of Exponential Organisations in shaping the future of education.

Through this partnership, learners will have access to a robust Learner Management System that offers a wide range of interactive and engaging learning materials, including VR and 360 videos. The system’s data-light architecture enables real-time reporting and analytics, allowing educators to track student activity and measure learning outcomes effectively.

“We are excited to partner with The Education Scene to develop an innovative Learning Management System that will redefine the eLearning experience,” says Paul Lensen, Managing Director of Anderson Studios. 

“By combining our expertise in video production and instructional design with The Education Scene’s proficiency in eLearning strategy and content development, we aim to provide learners with a seamless and immersive learning journey.”

About The Education Scene and Anderson Studios

The Education Scene specialises in offering advice and guidance to educational institutions and businesses seeking to enhance their eLearning capabilities. From creating custom content tailored for specific target audiences to ensuring accreditation and compliance with regulatory bodies, The Education Scene provides comprehensive solutions to meet diverse learning needs. With a focus on Moodle, BlackBoard and other learning platforms, The Education Scene offers services ranging from course mapping and matrices to end-user support and hosting management.

Anderson Studios brings a wealth of experience in creating engaging and impactful eLearning content through video production, animation, motion graphics, and instructional design. Committed to delivering content that not only educates but also inspires, Anderson Studios’ team of specialists utilises the latest technology and follows an agile approach to content creation. With a focus on meeting deadlines and staying within budget, Anderson Studios ensures that each project is executed with precision and excellence.

Shaping the Future of Education

As we look ahead, the future of education lies in the hands of organisations like Anderson Studios and The Education Scene, who are paving the way for transformative change through knowledge and empowerment. 

To embark on this journey of discovery and experience the power of our innovative Learning Management System firsthand, reach out to us today for more information and to explore partnership opportunities.

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