Today’s update: Film crew on Site – Health & Safety Training Videos

Today’s update: Film crew on Site – Health & Safety Training Videos

Today’s update: Film crew on Site – Health & Safety Training Videos

We are so excited to film the wonderful people at this trusted, global oil and gas company.

At Anderson Studios, we focus 100% on creating training and explainer videos for companies. This is what we do, we do it well, and we’ve been doing it for years.

Some feedback from our client: “We like working with you (Anderson studios). The team is familiar with our area of operations, safe working practices and values.”

So, why do we prefer to film on site?

In a nutshell, it is for these three reasons:

  • Establishes authenticity
  • Improves relevance
  • Leverages the power of context

You can buy off the shelf health and safety / training videos. But these often lack relevance and context. They are at times far too generic and don’t reflect the audience the videos are intended for.

Our videos are made for the client, bespoke, custom and specific.

Why context is so important

More feedback from our client: “Your team is able to work interpedently and engage with internal stakeholders when required, you are efficient and know how to get the job done without compromising safety or quality.”

How we film on site

After years creating training content and explainer videos, this is the best formula we find to get the most out of our client and time we spend on a project.

Engage. We spend a lot of time engaging (the first part of the E-ADDIE method) with our clients and role players to craft training scenarios and film sequences.

Collaborate. We work together with, and involve our clients/teams when conceptualizing and recording the videos.

Co-create. We don’t waste their time doing this, but rather invite them to co-create and contribute when required in order to achieve a video that accurately explains what THEY want to communicate.

Day two awaits!

We’re getting ready for the next day of filming. I’ll keep you posted on progress!