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Creating a health and safety video should be clear, impactful, and unforgettable, as it contains crucial information designed to safeguard your team. It's essential to make such a video intriguing enough for your staff to want to view it.

Our service dedicated to the production of health and safety videos aims to assist you in keeping your most significant resource – your team – safe. We strive to help you deliver your safety advice with a powerful punch.

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Anderson studios does on-site filming with local crews and expertise.

hse video production

Insist on training content that protects your people and reflects your brand.

We are your health and safety content creators where you need us most.

hse video production

We create visually appealing induction videos and unique safety videos. You can easily highlight newly identified risks in your work environment. We collaborate with your team to create engaging content. Our clients have praised us as "dependable", "professional – even under challenging conditions", and "meticulous". We are eager and ready to start your health and safety video production project.

How we produce health and safety videos that people want to watch


Your health and safety video should be anything but dull. Engage your viewers with relatable narratives, emotive content (as the central theme is the welfare of your team), and interactive elements.


While pre-made health and safety videos may cost less, keep in mind that your video is a reflection of your company's brand – customizing it can yield better outcomes.

Use the experts

The most effective health and safety videos often employ scenarios, actors, or on-screen presenters. These professionals specialize in creating captivating video content.


We advocate for constant enhancement and suggest the use of robust analytical tools to determine which messages are gaining the most traction and which ones require adjustments.


If your video needs to explain complicated ideas, then 2D or 3D animation can be an excellent method. Animation can also come in handy for recreating scenarios.

Include and represent

Your health and safety videos are an internal training tool. Make sure it represents your brand and values well, and is a healthy representation of your people.

Get customized health and safety training videos that are tailored to your brand

We so impressed with the quality of work done for us, in a rather challenging environment.

Thank you Paul and your team! Job well done.

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