Passenger Van Safety Training

A passenger van is one of the best ways to travel with a large group. And since passenger vans can carry multiple workers in one vehicle, they can help companies reduce transportation costs.

However, operating and driving these vans is different from driving a regular car or truck. And it’s important to realize that there are some special risks associated with passenger vans, including decreased maneuverability, larger blind spots, and a much greater risk of tipping and rolling over than other vehicles.

In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that rollovers cause roughly 60 percent of crashes involving passenger vans. Preventing rollovers involving passenger vans requires your understanding of the factors that contribute to the risks.

This course prepares drivers to be especially diligent when inspecting, loading, and maneuvering passenger vans to ensure safe operation. Length: 11 minutes

Topics Include:

  • How Passenger Vans Differ From Other Vehicles
  • Why Passenger Vans Roll Over
  • How to Reduce Passenger Van Risks

Sku: MOX-GEN-PassengerVan

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