Rig Pass Training Series

These courses meet and exceed the curriculum requirements necessary for IADC Rig Pass® and are equivalent to the former SafeGulf and SafeLand standardized orientation training programs.

This training series provides new oilfield employees with the advantages of engaging, interactive media that enables students to experience the real life sights, sounds and working scenarios of oilfield life.

Course Titles Include:

  1. Workplace Attitudes and Behaviors for Oilfield Employees
  2. Introduction to Oilfield Worksites
  3. Safe Oilfield Workplace Practices
  4. Oilfield Hazard Recognition and Occupational Health
  5. Specialized Oilfield Work Procedures and Practices
  6. Oilfield Equipment Safety and Procedures
  7. Environmental Protection and Risk Management for the Oilfield
  8. Oilfield Emergency and Incident Response
  9. Introduction to Offshore Worksites (Offshore Endorsement)
  10. Trenching and Excavating, Pits and Ponds (Land Endorsement)

Sku: MOX-RP-Series

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