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Introductory Offer: Virtual Reality for Hotels

360 Degree Video and Photography for Luxury and Boutique Hotels for R9500!

  • 360 degree camera
  • On-site filming and shooting
  • 10 - 15 professionally edited images
  • Valid for 3 months only!
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Unlock the power of immersive hospitality

Transport your guests to a world of luxury and elegance with anderson studios.

Our service - tailored exclusively for luxury and boutique hotels - brings you an unparalleled photographic and video experience.

We understand that every detail matters when we showcase your unique property.

Your luxury resort has a story to tell

Let's tell it!

Our season experts specialize in crafting breathtaking 360-degree images and videos. These capture the essence of your establishment like never before.

With a deep understanding of composition and aesthetics, we ensure your property stands out as a reflection of your dedication to excellence in hospitality and luxury.

We are here to help individual resorts and small luxury chains shine.

We understand the effort you have invested in creating a remarkable experience for your guests. We're here to complement that effort with images and visuals that leave a lasting impression.

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What Do I Get?

For a limited time only, Anderson Studios has launched an introductory offer exclusively for you. For only R9500 you get the following amazing offer*:

fedhasa membership special

360 Video

Showcase your hotel's unique features - from elegant lobbies to luxurious suites - with our cutting-edge 360 video technology.

Now, your guests can use VR to virtually explore the amenities you offer.

fedhasa membership special

360 Photography

Captivate your guests with high-end 360 degree photos that give your guests a true glimpse into your property from every angle.

Highlight architectural marvels, stunning landscapes, and intricate details with grace.

Make Use of This Offer, and Let Your Hotel Shine!