Animated Explainer Videos

The Exciting Era of Animated Explainer Videos

By Denisha Perumal

Explainer videos are fast becoming the new preferred way to showcase a product or service. This form of content is quickly taking over the HR and marketing industry, and it is clear to see why.

Explainer videos present complex content in a way that is broken down into visually interesting chunks of information that can be quickly absorbed by the viewer.

Plus, they are as versatile as they are useful. Explainer videos can be stylised and treated in many different ways.

In this blog we are going to be looking into the effectiveness of animation and animated characters in explainer videos.

How does animation make for better explanation?

Quite simply, yes.

In my experience, the use of animated characters in explainer videos is the most visually-striking way to get your viewer to remember the information being presented.

Animated elements in your explainer videos bring a host of benefits. Here are a few.

Flexible and versatile

Explainer videos can be quite dry – especially if you are covering highly technical or detailed topics. When these complex topics, services and products are mixed with multiple animated elements, it aids tremendously in capturing the audience’s attention, and understanding.

You can have all sorts of animated elements in your videos, for instance:

  • moving iconography,
  • dynamic graphics,
  • stylized, unique characters, and
  • demonstrative sequences.

Quicker concepts

Explaining a concept does not need to be a lengthy process. In fact, there is no longer a need for long, talking-head interview-style videos to explain your company concept.

The same information can be translated into a video that is half the length and way more impactful with the use of animated visuals. This is because animation can be precise and requires less effort.

Instead of sourcing props, set designs and presenters that will accurately depict the video brief, these elements can be made custom for each video and for each companies’ specific need.

Optimised resources

Animation frees up the resources and time required to create a traditional explainer video. It reduces the number of people needed to produce the video, as well as the man hours it could take.

Additional benefits

  • More intriguing learning
  • Consumers remember striking visuals
  • Entertaining – more palatable
  • Gets to the point fast
  • Tried and tested way to educate
  • Disguises marketing. The entertainment factor can allow for subtle advertising.
  • Easy storytelling that is easy to share.

Anderson studios gives you accessible, bespoke animation

At anderson studios we live and breathe all things relating to explainer video content and streaming. We make complex concepts small, digestible, and easy to understand.

We do this through tried-and-tested methodology, through attracting the right skills set, and through utilising the latest tools and tech.

Specialised content created by talent and tech

Animation is by no means an easy task.

Animators spend years training to build their skill and execute their craft.

This can make animation seem unattainable to companies who want short, animated explainer videos that are cost effective and time sensitive.

However, we have done extensive research into different editing platforms that make animated explainer videos more accessible, while still being high quality.

Tailored, affordable animation

We respect your time and your budget. Not everyone can afford drawn-from-scratch animated elements on their explainer videos.

For this reason, anderson studios often makes use of Toonly – an editing software that specialises in quirky, memorable animated sequences and characters with minimal effort, specifically for animated explainer videos.

In this way, we can create custom characters that are an ideal fit for your explainer video or marketing needs. We can even drop in your desired voiceover/dialogue and you can choose the exact character and motions you like best, thus allowing us to produce your videos in no time.

Detailed character development

When our clients need a more detailed character in their animated explainer videos, our skilled animators make use of Adobe Character Animator.

Our editors at anderson studios are proficient in the Adobe Suite which includes the Adobe Character Animator.

Through this tool we create high quality animated characters that can be the star of your explainer video.

The possibilities in regard to what your character can do and show are endless and there are many different ways to execute them.

Ask for animated explainer videos today!

Whatever your needs are, with the use of these animation tools, we will produce effective explainer videos for your company or product.